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Spray tans

spray tan     $29

weekly sprays     $21

pre-pay 10 weekly sprays     $200

Manicures & Pedicures

mini manicure     $42

manicure $57


mini pedicure     $47

pedicure     $62

Gel Polish

full set of gel coating on natural nail     $45

professional removal of gel coating add     $15

hands only



colour match consultation     $20


under lip     $6

stomach from     $13

eyebrow     $22

lip     $18

chin from     $20

underarm     $18

standard bikini     $22

sides of face     $22

arms     $26

brief     $28

half leg     $29

g-string     $36

three-quarter leg     $40

brazilian     $53

full leg     $56

Waxing Combo’s

more waxing combo’s available

eyebrow & lip     $33

lip & chin from     $33

eyebrow, lip & chin from     $43

full face including eyebrow, lip & chin $58

half leg & underarm     $40

half leg & bikini     $42

half leg & brief     $50

three-quarter leg & bikini     $53

half leg, bikini & underarm    $57

half leg & g-string     $58

full leg & bikini     $65

three-quarter leg, bikini & underarm $71

full leg & brief     $71

half leg & brazilian     $75

full leg & g-string     $82

full leg, bikini & underarm     $84

full leg & brazilian     $99


eyelash tint     $19

eyebrow tint     $19

eyelash tint & eyebrow wax     $35

eyebrow tint & eyebrow wax     $37

eyelash & brow tint     $35

eyelash, brow tint and eyebrow wax     $51


Enzyme therapy

DMK enzymatic formulations are the key to obtaining youthful, healthy skin. To determine the appropriate program for you, ask your DMK Skin Technician for a complete skin analyis. We offer many varied enzyme options that your therapist will discuss with you.

DMK programs specialise in revising:

• acne & congestion

• pigmentation & uneven skin tone

• wrinkles & fine lines

• premature ageing & sun damage

• scarring, stretchmarks & cellulite

enzymes work to:

• hydrolyse dead skin cells

• increase oxygenation & cellular activity

• encourage new collagen & elastin formation

• detoxify the skin according to the individual’s biochemistry,

DMK’S concept of remove, rebuild, protect & maintain, has gained international recognition and is considered to be ahead of its time. Healthy vibrant skin is just an Enzyme Therapy session away. Enzyme Therapy improves lymphatic drainage, whilst eliminating toxins and impurities from the skin. This is achieved through transfer messenger enzymes encouraging circulation and oxygenation to replenish the skin and is known to result in a short time phenomenon called a ‘Plasmatic Effect’.

level 1 entry enzyme     $140

level 2-5 entry enzyme from $155

6-12 week skin programs available


Peels and micro removals
Our peels aim to remove redundant dead cell material to return the skin to it’s original healthy state. We want to achieve strong, healthy, vibrant skin by helping to correct sun damage, pigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, colour and texture.

peels starting from     $165

Skincare & body treatments

Healthy vibrant skin

DMK Skin Consultation     $25
(FREE if product is purchased on the day)

DMK Express Teenagers 

45 mins     $60

DMK Express Adults

45 mins     $70

DMK Transdermal Nutrition Treatment 1 hour     $95

exfoliating polish scrub

full body polish & moisturise 1hour includes face     $100

customised options available on request


Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of stress

30 minute back and neck     $50

45 minute back, neck, head and feet     $70

60 minute full body     $90

Discount Packages

The essential packages

manicure and pedicure with 2 therapist     $100

DMK express and half hour body balance massage     $100

1 hour facial and half hour body balance massage     $130

1 hour facial and 1 hour body balance massage     $170

1 hour facial, full body polish, 1 hour body massage     $210

We provide unprecedented care from a thorough consultation to programming
your maintenance preparation.

We want your skin commitment to be successful by creating life changing results.