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About us
Come in, close your eyes and let the world drift away.
.....peaceful ambience, tranquil water, blissful aromas, soothing sounds and attentive therapists create the serenity you deserve.
Aromatics has 4 beautiful spacious rooms, seperate waiting area, bathroom with shower, spray tanning wet area, office and kitchen.
We try to ensure that from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave that your every need is attended to - beautiful aromas, heat packs wrapped in gowns, soft lighting, quiet music piped through the salon, exceptional treatments, your jewellery cleaned and attentive therapists.
The thing I love the most about beauty therapy is watching our industry grow, continuing my training and education, research, change, freshness, giving clients the best experience they’ve ever had and caring for people.
DMK is my current line of skin care. It is a paramedical skin care line that works at cellular level to help repair and balance the natural function of your skin. Their professional range is exceptional - I’ve never encounted a product that actually guarantee’s a 50-70% improvement on you skins condition.
DMK is able to treat everything from acne to prematurely aged skin. Come in for a free consultation and discover this amazing product.
We currently stock DMK Skin Care and Makeup, PONi Cosmetics and various other high quality body products.
If you want to jazz up your fingers why not try the original CND Shellac gel system.

Whether you're after pure relaxation or specialised skin care treatments, you'll feel wonderful after a visit to Aromatics Beauty Therapy. Our professional beauty salon in Wauchope caters for a complete range of beauty treatments.

Aromatics have been operating in Wauchope since 1997 now and have a very established and loyal clientele from Port and surrounding areas. I endeavour to train and keep my staff up to date with our ever changing industry. I believe in old fashioned service and giving the client the best experience they have ever had.

I choose to use Dmk paramedical skin care so that you get the best possible results. Dmk is a transdermal product, which transports down into the dermal layers and continues to work over an 8hr period. 
For your body we use DMK and various other high quality body. 
For makeup we stock DMK. 
We cover a wide range of services and also do Gift Cards for that someone special.

We know how busy and stressful life can be and that it's important to take some time out to do something for yourself. From waxing, tinting, spray tans, manicures, pedicures, to specialised paramedical skin care, you'll feel safe and comfortable in the expert hands of our therapists.

 Our qualified and experienced team of beauty and wellbeing experts are passionate about their work. At Aromatics Beauty Therapy we create an escape from the outside world. We bring you a little bit of bliss and help you love living in your own skin even more.

*All services are non-gratuitous